How many instruments participate in a piano quintet?
One (1)
Three (3)
Eight (8)
Five (5)
Only One, The Piano!

The Piano School of NYC
The Piano School of NYC

Celebrating its 15th Year!

Now Offering SKYPE and FACE TIME Lessons

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"..where every child shines like a star"
Vera Barskaya Anselmo, Founder

Welcome to the Piano School of NYC!

Piano School of New York is a registered Trademark by United States Patent and Trademark Office

Founded in 2001, and now with administrative offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Uptown/Bronx, New Jersey, Westchester & Rockland County, our programs vary from Individual Piano Lessons to Small Group Piano Classes we organize at schools.

Today, Piano School of NYC has developed its own brand and approach, and THREE Major Pillars set it apart

  • Piano Outreach of NY (PONY) has been launched in 2003 as a scholarship fund.
  • Group Class Programs at schools offer an amazing opportunity to hundreds of children to study Piano & General Music
  • Matching gift is set by the Piano School of NYC and applies to all students and parents donating to PONY fund

If you know of a school that does not have a music program, kindly contact

Piano Outreach Of New York (PONY) is a sister charity Organization that is an immediate outgrowth of the Piano School of NYC. Founded in 2003 as 501C3 organization, it raises funds for its scholarship fund. Its mission has been to provide the opportunity of Music & Piano studies to economically disadvanteged children.

Please visit for more information and to get involved.

we look for Volunteers to help our mission.

PIANO SCHOOL OF NYC HAS LAUNCHED A MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM: all donations from Piano School Students, faculty & administration will be matched on ongoing basis


To date, we have raised over $450,000.00

Featured Student Performance

Marilynn Seits' student Audrey Bluhdorn performs Brass Ring

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